How To Find Great Love


The feeling of love can be defined by a deep affection pushing the person who feels it to seek a proximity to the loved one. Of course, the intensity varies according to each, weak, strong or obsessive, and therefore difficult to control.

The nascent love is manifested by many signs that do not deceive, such as palpitations, the throat that is knotted, the hands that become moist, or an immense happiness that invades us to the thought or the sight of this being longed for. It is in this way that it is possible to distinguish between love and friendship.

Here are some tips on how to keep a lasting relationship with the one you loved:

  • We must know how to be alone before being in a relationship.
  • If you are a couple, do not ask the other to change … start by changing!
  • Love is not the honeymoon, love is knowing how to love when the couple is in crisis.
  • Being in a relationship does not allow you to possess the other … to love is to give the other freedom!
  • Everyone must take responsibility for his conditioning, his unconsciousness, and his violence.
  • A couple can succeed only if it is not absorbed in a vicious circle: I hurt you … you hurt me …
  • Healthy sexuality is one of the major elements of a happy and harmonious couple.
  • Man must correspond to a woman’s image of what a man is.
  • Inversely, the woman must correspond to the image that the man has of what a woman is.
  • To be lovers is not enough, the man and the woman must be also brother and sister, to know how to live with a certain complicity between them.
  • The partners should not be too different … love has its limits … if the man is a rocker with his Harley and if the woman is a teacher of classical music, there is little chance that they can have a common life.
  • We must accept that the other remains a mystery.

Succeeding a couple is an art that obeys simple and obvious rules.

Great love would not develop by chance, our unconscious choosing the one with whom it wishes to flourish. A facies, a voice, a gesture … these elements would come to resuscitate buried emotional memories, such as the fusional link with the mother, as a kind of saving regression.

Do not force yourself to look for it, love will find you if you want it.