Carpet Cleaning Tips

Tip # 1: vacuuming

You don’t have to do major cleanings every six months, remember that the maintenance of a carpet in your living and in your dining room is a matter of every day. Using the vacuum cleaner twice a week in brushing mode is one of the easiest things to do.

Attention: If your carpet is old and very fragile, avoid the brush mode to avoid damaging it and suck gently. Also get a good vacuum cleaner like one of the ones on this site.

Tip # 2: a concoction of potato peelings

If you can not afford to call a professional to renovate your carpet, do it yourself with this effective old time trick! Start by concocting a concentrated infusion of potato peels, then rub your carpet with a sponge smeared with your preparation.

Leave it to sit for a few hours then rinse with clean water with a sponge. Lastly, let it dry by avoiding circulation.

Tip # 3: Soda Water and baking soda

Your carpet has lost its beautiful original color and some tasks are installed here and there? Use sparkling water and baking soda! Using a sponge, coat the carpet with soda water and rub gently but firmly.

Let it dry for half an hour then sprinkle with baking soda all over your carpet. Once the bicarbonate is dry, vacuum and checks out the result!

Tip 4: dishwashing soap and white vinegar

White vinegar is the unknown cure of the house. These uses are multiple and sanitize, deodorize and detach! Do not panic if your carpet is soiled or stained with grease, start by pouring white vinegar on a clean rag and then rub it in. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

Then pour a mixture of water and dishwashing soap, foamed with an electric mixer. Rub this mixture on the carpet with a brush, then rinse with clean water. Wipe the carpet with a clean cloth and allow it to dry thoroughly.