Is Infidelity Common?

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It’s not easy to have the right stats on the prevalence of infidelity, given the secrecy surrounding this activity. According to some methodological studies carried out in Europe, Canada, and the United States, between 20 and 30% of men and 15 to 20% of women would have had relationships outside couples. According to sources, in the United Kingdom, 70% of women who have been married for at least five years and 72% of men say they have been unfaithful at least once. British experts estimate female infidelity at 50-60%. Popular polls commissioned by mainstream magazines or some non-rigorous surveys conclude that about 50% of married people would be unfaithful occasionally or repeatedly, possibly more in common-law relationships.

Some smaller sites and bloggers like DateSmarterGuide estimate the prevalence of infidelity at a shocking 70%! (www.datesmarterguide.com/best-affair-websites). There’s no question that it could indeed be higher than initially thought.

A recent poll recorded in Europe showed only 20% of women cheat. Two to three couples out of four would find themselves, one day or another, struggling with the infidelity of one and/or the other spouse. Yet, when asked, 95% of people say that fidelity, defined as sexual exclusivity, is important or very important to marital harmony.

A team of researchers has shown that the way in which unfaithfulness was discovered or unveiled had an impact on the subsequent divorce rate. This rate is 45% if the deceiver announces it himself, 65% if the disclosure is made by a third person, 83% if the deceiver is caught in the act and 86% if the deceived. learns by questioning the unfaithful. The others live with difficulty the following period. Those who go to therapy do better because they understand why infidelity has infiltrated their relationship, although infidelity can never be therapeutic in itself.

Men Vs Women in Affairs

Accidental on the side of men, infidelity would be more calculated and reflected in women, taking their extramarital affairs more seriously psychologically and emotionally than men who would see only sex with no strings attached. That is why men would be able to have a wife and a lover without too much conscience, while women, getting more involved in their relationships, would feel more guilty, not only to their spouse but also to their children and their entourage.

Although infidelity is no longer a “crime” in the West, men, more than women, would be more challenged by the infidelity of their partner and have more difficulty forgiving sexual infidelity, while women would hardly forgive emotional infidelity. However, people who divorce to live with the Other are very unlikely to form a couple in the long run, only 8 to 10% succeed. This statistic supports the hypothesis that the unfaithful person does not build a relationship, but instead consumes feelings and emotions in love without ever engaging. divorcing people to live with the other are very unlikely to form a long-term couple, only 8 to 10 percent succeed.

This statistic supports the hypothesis that the unfaithful person does not build a relationship, but instead consumes feelings and emotions in love without ever engaging. divorcing people to live with the other are very unlikely to form a long-term couple, only 8 to 10 percent succeed. This statistic supports the hypothesis that the unfaithful person does not build a relationship, but instead consumes feelings and emotions in love without ever engaging.

What about the Children?

Children of an unfaithful parent increase their risk of infidelity; we then speak of “generational” infidelity. In the middle of the last century, twice as many men as women were unfaithful; but since women have entered the labor market, they have achieved equality in this area and even take a certain head start according to certain studies, to prove to themselves that they are well “liberated”. Infidelity is rampant in all classes of the population. Nearly 50% of infidelities take place with a co-worker.

Those who explicitly discuss fidelity before marriage is more likely to remain faithful. Intolerance towards extramarital relations is a majority among newly formed couples, but tends to diminish over time: more than 40%, after 15 years of living together, believe that love can exist without fidelity. Members of a second marriage are even more open to infidelity, at least on paper. Infidelity is found in all social classes and in all countries, including the most repressive.

At a time when the female emancipation movement is at its peak in its goal of equality, at least in the West, we paradoxically witness a hypersexualization of women. Yet one of the demands of this movement was precise to desexualize the body of the woman. The women’s press has never talked so much about sexuality and especially about sexuality, and 95% of women’s radio and TV programs are about women’s sexuality: women’s values are now conveyed by the media. At the same time, many men-centered self-help groups are developing. The sexual desire of the woman coincides with a greater desire of men for intimacy.


Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

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Everyone claims that his dog or the breed of his dog is the smartest, but what about? On what criteria should dogs be classified according to their degree of intelligence?

Here is the list of dogs that are very intelligent.

1. Border Collie

Border Collie is considered the most intelligent race. His duties and tasks can be varied, you can train him to be a watchdog, a shepherd dog, etc.

His abilities never cease to surprise us!

It is a very active dog who needs an active master, who can practice daily exercise with him. It can thus be a fantastic companion for hiking, running or camping.

His masters will have to dedicate a lot of time to pamper him and to stimulate him mentally on a daily basis.

2. Poodle

A poodle is best-known in dog contest.

If it is the basis of a hunting dog, modern history proves that the poodle is an ideal pet since at least the fifteenth century.

He has a lot of energy and is very quick to learn towers of all kinds.

In general, this dog is very sociable, always willing to satisfy its owner and always follows it with joy.

In addition, the poodle performs wonderfully well with toddlers, with whom he spends long periods of exercise and enjoys himself doing a few laps in exchange for sweets.

3. German Shepherd

German Shepherd is a sensitive, intelligent and intuitive dog. He is much sought after by the police for his agility, his great olfactory capacity and his predisposition to obey his master’s orders quickly.

He is a defending and courageous watchdog, often trained as a utility dog, for the satisfaction of his master is one of the priorities of the German shepherd.

This dog needs to practice a lot of physical exercises every day if he lives in an apartment or a small home.

Even so, the German shepherd is a loving dog who will prefer to live in a small space but warm and close to his family rather than spend long hours of solitude.

4. Golden retriever

Its popularity is steadily increasing in thousands of homes. The golden retriever charmed by its beauty, its affectionate and brave character. It is an energetic dog, at ease in the water, which is also a very good hunting

It is an energetic dog, at ease in the water, which is also a very good hunting dog.

It is a very intelligent dog that can assume all kinds of tasks dog police to detect drugs, dog rescue or just wonderful pet.

It is very tolerant with young children. He watches over them, protects them and prevents them from doing nonsense.

5. Dobermann

One of the fastest dogs to learn orders and dressage in general.

Despite its bad reputation, it is a fairly quiet and tolerant breed with all members of the family, including of course the smallest. This is a fantastic watchdog that loves to exercise and be with her family to protect her.

This is a fantastic watchdog that loves to exercise and be with her family to protect her.

He is a noble and beautiful dog, always vigilant and attentive, who will defend his family without any hesitation in the face of a real danger.

6. Shetland Shepherd

Very good shepherd dog, Shetland Shepherd is a faithful, loving dog and very attached to its masters.

Being suspicious of foreigners, he makes a very good companion for children with whom he shows himself very gentle.

7. The Labrador Retriever

Its reputation is more to make so much it has known a huge success in recent years. The Labrador Retriever can be both very playful and very serious in tasks such as assisting the blind and the disabled.

8. The Butterfly

The Butterfly is a sweet, affectionate and calm dog that is especially suitable for the elderly.

Funny and mischievous, he will give a smile back to his owner. It is given antidepressant virtues.

9. The Rottweiler

Rottweiler is the best watchdog. He is a very affectionate, docile and devoted dog to his masters. Very cuddly with children, far from popular clichés, it is endowed with an exceptional flair, which makes it a very good search dog.

10. The Australian Bouvier

Very good working dog, used in cattle-keeping, the Australian Bouvier is an ingenious, loyal and very good guardian. It is a dog who constantly needs to be alert and have a master who occupies it and entrusts him with different tasks.


Dining room table material

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The handyman has been using wood to make furnishings like tables and chairs since the beginning of time. It is always the first choice of most people all over the world. The industrial revolution has many new materials coming into the market and the choices are very large in number today. Glass, steel, metal, aluminum, and plastic have taken a large market share. No doubt, they are more flexible, versatile and much cheaper. But there are still good things about wood that has always kept it on the top list.

The grace and beauty of the wood are unique and natural. There is a wide variety of wood that you can choose from for example oak, mahogany, maple, pine, etc. Like all times, even today, the appearance of a mahogany dining table is much more superior and its appeal is always sustainable. Whether you like traditional or modern home decor, a mahogany dining table can fit in very well. Its timeless beauty and durability are incomparable. If you are looking for a table to last for a while life is the best choice.

The mahogany is, unfortunately, an expensive wood, but its strength, ease of sand, durability cuts and really clean up its price, it is totally worth it. There are many different qualities of mahogany wood and if you are looking for the market and the Internet you will surely find a reasonable choice based on your pocket and style. If you are okay with spending a little more money you can find an elegant curve, antique style dining table in massive mahogany that will stay with your lifetime.

The oak is also a good choice for the dining room wooden table. It is durable and not so expensive. It is very famous in Europe and America. It is also known to be resistant to insects and fungi and does not yet have a very pleasant smell.

Most of these paintings are traditional looking, but many artisans have made styles to match the modern decoration as well.

How to cut the wood

If you are the type that likes to DIY then you’ll need a good table saw to help you out with the cutting part. See some over at this site thesawcritic.com/. There are some good ones that can help you to achieve your woodworking goals.


Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Tip # 1: vacuuming

You don’t have to do major cleanings every six months, remember that the maintenance of a carpet in your living and in your dining room is a matter of every day. Using the vacuum cleaner twice a week in brushing mode is one of the easiest things to do.

Attention: If your carpet is old and very fragile, avoid the brush mode to avoid damaging it and suck gently. Also get a good vacuum cleaner like one of the ones on this site.

Tip # 2: a concoction of potato peelings

If you can not afford to call a professional to renovate your carpet, do it yourself with this effective old time trick! Start by concocting a concentrated infusion of potato peels, then rub your carpet with a sponge smeared with your preparation.

Leave it to sit for a few hours then rinse with clean water with a sponge. Lastly, let it dry by avoiding circulation.

Tip # 3: Soda Water and baking soda

Your carpet has lost its beautiful original color and some tasks are installed here and there? Use sparkling water and baking soda! Using a sponge, coat the carpet with soda water and rub gently but firmly.

Let it dry for half an hour then sprinkle with baking soda all over your carpet. Once the bicarbonate is dry, vacuum and checks out the result!

Tip 4: dishwashing soap and white vinegar

White vinegar is the unknown cure of the house. These uses are multiple and sanitize, deodorize and detach! Do not panic if your carpet is soiled or stained with grease, start by pouring white vinegar on a clean rag and then rub it in. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

Then pour a mixture of water and dishwashing soap, foamed with an electric mixer. Rub this mixture on the carpet with a brush, then rinse with clean water. Wipe the carpet with a clean cloth and allow it to dry thoroughly.



Sleep and Insomnia Problems

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Insomnia is a major public health problem because a lot of people are often suffering from sleep disorders and only 19% consult their doctor for this reason.

Insomnia affects personal life: insomniacs feel more tired and irritable, their family and social life are disrupted at any age. It generates intellectual disorders, especially memory and concentration disorders. Its involvement correlation with depression is frequent: it is often the first symptom. It can also be the cause of accidents at work or public roads due to the loss of concentration it causes during the day, sometimes aggravated by some sleeping pills.

It results in disruption of daily activities and quality of life. It is known that insomnia also has important economic consequences since insomniacs lose on average six days of work per month. They are the largest consumers of care, specialized consultations, complementary examinations, and hospitalization. Insomniacs also consume more medications and have an increased tendency to alcohol abuse.  One of the best ways to stop insomnia is to invest in a good air mattress.  The sound asleep air mattress should help greatly.

The different types of insomnia

Two main groups of insomnia must be distinguished:

1 Acute/situational insomnia, on one hand, reaction to stress, hospitalization or an unexpected family event, for example.

2 Chronic insomnia, on the other hand, that is to say sleep affected negatively almost daily for more than a month. These can have very different causes:

-The Sleeping difficulties reflected mostly a significant problem with family or professional concerns , but they may be the result of restless lower limbs that hinder sleep system by requiring the applicant to sleep to recover and walk.

– Awakening at the end of the night, sometimes with the impossibility of falling asleep, often reflects depression. Besides the sleep disorders, overall mood is sullen, you have to force yourself to do things, including the activities that you usually like.

-Finally, the realization of a sleep schedule will allow us to verify that sleep hygiene is respected. Indeed, irregular schedules, or some ignorance of the “disruptors of sleep” can suffice to lead to insomnia. Keeping a diary may sometimes allow us to highlight phase shifts that are specific to treatment.